ThinkWoven is a consultancy founded by architect Clare Miflin in 2018.

Clare is an architect and systems thinker with experience designing buildings to Passive House, LEED Platinum, Living Building Challenge and AIA COTE Top Ten standards. While acknowledging the importance of rigorous metrics, she knows that inspiration, intuition and vision also have a vital role to play if humanity is to thrive.

Clare led the development of the AIANY Zero Waste Design Guidelines through a multidisciplinary collaborative process. The Guidelines serve as resource and inspiration for architects to help NYC reach its Zero Waste Goal. She is working to disseminate and implement the Guidelines widely, and has founded a consultancy – ThinkWoven – to develop strategies to weave urban systems into ecosystems.

Clare is Co-Chair of AIA NY’s Committee on the Environment, on the board of BiomimicryNYC, a member of the NYC Living Building Collaborative and Sustainability Coordinator for her local food cooperative.

We bring in collaborators such as food systems consultants, product designers, social scientists and waste consultants as required for a particular project.

ThinkWoven starts each project with high level and on-the-ground research to understand systems holistically, the problems to be solved and opportunities for positive change. We collaborate with diverse groups of stakeholders to create design strategies and a roadmap to achieve goals.

We bring together metrics and vision, logic and intuition, macro and micro level understanding and leverage the creativity of every participant in a system. Our process and deliverables include collaborative workshops, inspirational lectures, illustrated guidelines, educational presentations and stakeholder engagement.